TateHindle's Harish Ratna. Credit: TateHindle

Architects and engineers highlight sustainability

TateHindle's Harish Ratna. Credit: TateHindle
TateHindle’s Harish Ratna. Credit: TateHindle

Our new King’s Cross building was the subject of a discussion on sustainable construction held as part of Green Sky Thinking Week on 18 May.

Green Sky Thinking is a week-long programme of events showcasing sustainable design in the built environment, and we were joined for the event by the architects and engineers working with us on creating our new space for physics, TateHindle and AECOM.

The event, held at AECOM’s Aldgate offices overlooking the City of London and Tower Bridge, covered the challenges and opportunities of creating a building suitable for the 21st century, how the design supports our ambition to engage different communities and make physics more accessible, and the advanced technologies that our new building will benefit from.

Kate Meehan, managing director of IOP Enterprises, told the gathered audience of construction professionals that this is the first time in our history that we’ve had the opportunity to create our own space for physics.

Noting that it’s a big cultural change for us, she said: “This is our home. The idea was to have the opportunity to engage and interact with different communities, but also to get kids to come into the building and get excited about physics. Physics is in everything – and this is in all aspects of the building.”

Architect Harish Ratna, an associate director at TateHindle, spoke about how sustainability is at the heart of the design and construction of the new building, and said that he’s helping to create somewhere that will be “a pleasure to be in – a space that people will enjoy using”.

AECOM’s John Edmondson talked about some of the innovative features in the building such as the groundsource heat pumps and rainwater delivery system, and said that having worked with us, the client, right from the outset allowed us to make contributions that wouldn’t ordinarily be possible.

He added that this joint work on our new building “contributes to making a better, more open city”.

The construction phase for the building began in April and is expected to be completed by the spring of 2018.