New building on track


On Monday 21 August we visited the site of our new home in fast-modernising King’s Cross to see how things were progressing, and even though the morning’s rain had left things very damp, work on our new office was continuing apace.

The office, occupying 26,000 square feet, will be highly sustainable and will showcase innovative green technology.  On the day we visited, we witnessed liquid concrete being sprayed onto the basement walls.


Steve Williams, project manager at construction firm J. Murphy & Sons, was confident that everything was running on schedule. He said: “The project is going well.  With our concreting, each slab will take about two weeks and then the columns will go up – so by the end of September we’ll be up to the first floor of the building.”

Currently there are about 20 builders working on the site, but this will rise to about 35 as work on the decking begins.

The main challenge Murphy has encountered is the lack of space – the site is hemmed in on all sides.

Steve said: “It is a challenge because the site is so tight – but we overcome this with clever logistics, which is key.”