From quarks to computer games, it’s all physics

Hoarding design: From quarks to computer games, it’s all physics

Membership of the Institute is for anyone with an interest in physics, and our members’ activities, specialisms and career paths are many and varied.

As you might expect, many of them work in research, helping to expand the frontiers of human understanding of the forces of nature, the building blocks of matter – and to exploit that knowledge for the benefit of us all.

But they’re so much more than the stereotype might suggest. People with physics qualifications are found in diverse fields, and use skills developed through studying the subject in diverse ways.

The IOP challenges that misconception of our discipline, showing how physics is used in everything from films and computer games to sport and supermarkets, and how physics research often leads to unexpected benefits that transform people’s lives.

We highlight to school and university students some of the possible careers options open to physics-qualified people, through posters, booklets and video interviews with physics graduates.

Support such as mentoring or the online career-planning tool MyCareerPath helps us to guide members throughout their careers, and we have a range of soft-skills courses to boost employability, and guidance for those thinking of taking a break or changing career – because physics, perhaps more than any other discipline, permeates all areas of life, and lets you do just about anything.